Adopt a Pet

Orphaned Angels Rescue does not adopt out dogs on a first come first serve basis. We want this to be a permanent adoption and will place the dog in the home best suited for him/her. We will not hold dogs for homes that are not ready to adopt or have not been approved.

Orphaned Angels Rescue is 100% spay/neuter prior to adoption. We do not make exceptions so please do not ask.

So you want to adopt a pet? Here’s what you need to do…Submit an adoption application. Once you submit your application for adoption, you will receive an email or phone call from our staff. A home visit will be set up and a staff member will visit with you in your home.

We verify personal and veterinarian references that are given on your application.

Your application will then be forwarded to the Board of Directors who will then approve or decline your application for adoption. We reserve the right to refuse any adoption. You will then be notified of your adoption status. You will then be required to sign our adoption contract and pay an adoption fee of $150.00. The adoption fee goes towards helping other pets in need, just like the one you are adopting. The adoption fee for a puppy may be higher so please contact us for further information regarding any puppy listed on our site.

Adoption Infomation

These are a few things to remember when looking to adopt a dog from us.

Understand that we require a home visit PRIOR to adoption

Home must have a securely fenced yard

ALL animals in the home must be spayed or neutered

  • Be an adult with responsibility for maintaining a household (no students please)
  • Have curent identification showing address and/or phone number
  • Have the knowledge and consent of all adults living in the household
  • Be able to spend the time and money necessary to provide for the training, medical treatment and proper care of the pet
  • Have resources for a non-refundable adoption fee
  • Agree to provide the pet with an indoor home and be willing to consider him/her a member of the family
  • Understand that Orphaned Angels Rescue dogs are spayed/neutered, no exceptions
  • Understand that children’s age restrictions will be based on their exposure to and experience with the breed.
  • Place personal ID on the pet as soon as possible
  • Provide an environment for the animal that will keep him/her safe and secure
  • Understand that Orphaned Angels Rescue has the right to either deny or approve your adoption application without explanation

A Few Points to Remember

You may not be contacted until there is a dog available that might be a good match for you. Every dog will not fit into every household. It is left to the discretion of the Board of Directors, to approve or decline placement. We do not adopt out dogs to be given as “gifts”. If someone you know would like a dog, have that person fill out the application form. You could offer to pay the adoption fee if you would like it to be a “gift”.

Please understand that Orphaned Angels Rescue is an all volunteer based organization. We will try to get back with you in a timely manner.

We hope this helps you understand our adoption process and requirements for adopting from “Orphaned Angels Rescue”. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

For our application: Click Here

For our Adoption Contract: Click Here